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Themed Parties

Frozen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Minions are just of our fabulous creations. Keep on checking back for more themes.  If you do not see a theme here, we can still create it.  Please order at least 2 weeks in advance for a specific character or theme. Thank you.

We are pleased to offer a selection of TYPE OF PRODUCTS.
Elsa twisted centerpiece

Frozen Balloons

Twisted Anna or Elsa (as pictured to left).  Table size $35. Life size $125 Life size twisted Frozen Anna balloon person



Table top column with age 

Snowflakes were added to this tall table top column to pull in the Frozen theme.  As seen $15.00  (36")

Number column with snowflakes


Frozen Buffet Column.  $20.00        One side of the balloon is Anna and the other is Elsa. Can also be made in Olaf. (stands about 48" tall)  

Elsa buffet column

Anna buffet column

Light Up Table Top centerpiece $35  This cp can be made with clear snowflakes as shown or with any of the Frozen balloons.  $30 with small foil, $45 with jumbo foil, $35 with snow flake bubble as seen. Lights up in the center with color changing  Party Dot LED lights.  

frozen snowflake centerpiece

Gumball stuffed bubbles  $20.00 ea.  are a fun touch to any Frozen Party.                        Gumball stuffed bubbles for a frozen party

Frozen balloon bouquet  $25          with an age on the balloon weight  ($30 with jumbo Elsa/Anna balloon or Orbz)                                Jumbo frozen bouquet   

Jumbo Frozen Bouquet $50

Long lasting bouquet created with fun double stuffed balloons, balloons in balloons and a snowflake weight is excellent for birthdays, get wells, and just because...

Jumbo Frozen Bouquet with snowflake weight



Mickey Mouse balloon column

Mickey Mouse Balloons

Mickey Mouse balloon column $35-$125.

As seen to left is $35 is 3 feet tall, full size is $125, includes local delivery.


Mickey Mouse Tower $35 (4.5 foot)

This easy to transport tower is a hit at all parties. Long lasting decor lasts for several days. Best for indoor decorating. 

Mickey Mouse balloon tower


Mickey Mouse Stand Up $30 (5 foot)

Mickey Mouse Stand-Up balloon tower


Mickey Mouse Table columns:               (left to right) 

 Small Mickey table column  $10.00          Buffet Column $20 (38")                          Mickey Mouse Table Top Column $12.50

Mickey Mouse table columns


Add a small Mickey head to any table top centerpiece.  $15.00 as shown

                      mickey mouse first bithday                                        

Walking Mickey Balloon $20.00

                      Mickey Mouse Airwalker stands about 4 feet tall and lasts for days.


Mickey Theme Package  $85                     Save $10.  You choose the colors. This package is available for both Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed parties.                                     Mickey Mouse Balloon Package   

Walking Mickey Balloon is about 4 foot tall

Tulle skirted Minnie Mouse table column

Minnie Mouse Balloons

Minnie Mouse balloon columns. $35-$125  

$50 as pictured to left on a light up column.  $40 on a regular pedestal with small tulle skirt. 

Change the latex color and the height.  This pretty Minnie Mouse stands 3.5 feet tall and includes a tulle skirt.   Perfect as a table centerpiece for your princess. 


Minnie Mouse table sculpture $35 (up to $125 for life size)

                  Minnie Mouse Balloon Column 


Minnie Mouse Age Table Top Centerpiece  $15 

Choose any color balloons for the base

           Classic Minnie first birthday table decoration  Minnie Mouse table number base


Minnie Mouse Floating Mini Column $15.00  (can also be made for Mickey)

Balloon is two sided - picture shows front and back. 

Minnie Mouse Bubble floating column

custom name added to Minnie Mouse bubble balloon Name $5.00 extra per balloon

Minnie Mouse Table Top Column $12.50      latex balloons availlable in your choice of colors.  

                                Classic Minnie Mouse table top column


Minnie Mouse Age Bouquet $20                                Latex colors and number of your choice. Flower detail.  

                                Minnie Mouse age bouquet


Minnie Mouse Pedestal with flowers  $30      Classic Minnie Mouse table top column on a base stands about 3.5 feet tall.  Simply beautiful and lasts for days.  You choose latex colors. 

                               Classic Minnie Pedestal table top balloon decoration

Minnie Mouse Ears Arch  $100- $350      

$100 as pictured for a 3 foot table. Can latch onto a table or be built from the floor up. Up to 10 foot wide. Price is dependent upon size. You choose latex colors.                  Minnie Mouse ears balloon arch.      


Walking Minnie Balloon $20                                   This popular balloon stands 4 foot high and is a great guest for any party!



Lightening McQueen cars party, twisted balloons with light up headlights

Cars Balloons

Twisted Lightening McQueen $35                 This design includes real working headlights that blink, flash or glow. Sits on a base on a table. Great for cake tables, gift tables, or as a larger centerpiece.  $35 as seen  up to $250 for small life size car. 



Theme Package  $55 - Save $5  (shown for Cars)

Includes one small twisted table size balloon, one basic bouquet and one age bouquet. You choose the age and the theme.  Add ons at regular price.  

Theme package. You choose any theme, latex colors and age.

Despicable Me bouquet

Descpicable Me (Minions)

Despicable Me bouquet $35 (as shown to left) is long lasting balloon decor. This is a great delivery piece that can be customized as a birthday, thank you, get well and welcome home balloon bouquet.   


Minion Table Top Column $20

The Blue and Yellow minion can be made with one or two eyes in goggles. It can also be made full size floor column for $65 or as an arch (prices vary depending according to size)

Blue and Yellow one eyed minion balloon sculpture


Evil Minion Table Top Column $20

The evil purple minion can be made with one or two eyes in goggles. It can also be made full size floor column for $65 or as an arch (prices vary depending according to size) Arch can have one blue minion and one purple minion on each side.  It can also be customized with name and age

Evil purple minion balloon sculpture


Superman and Wonderwoman Super hero balloon sculptures

Superhero Sculptures

Small table size $40 to $150 full size

Any Superhero such as Batman, Robin, Spiderman, Iron Man, Flash, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wolverine, and more

Wonderwoman twisted balloon sculpture

Superman twisted balloon sculpture

Balloon Ballerinas


$20 table size (as shown)

$65 5 foot tall sculpture

available in a variety of colors. 


Clown table top column

Clowns, Carnival and Circus Theme

Small clown centerpiece $20.00

This is one sample of circus theme that is available. Large clown columns, sculptures and arches are also available.  Popcorn arches, ceiling big top decor and more.  Please set appointment to see sample of work and for pricing. 

Farmyard animal balloon table top or floor columns


Barnyard Trio  $55 each

Bottom balloons can be in any combination to matchyour theme.    Also available in circus and safari assortment.    Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Monkey and Tiger 

Cow Balloon Tower Cow Tower $20

Horse tower Horse Tower $20

Pig Tower Pig Tower $20


ElephantTwisted Elephant side view Twisted Elephant $25

Can be made in any color combination and with a stuffed balloon belly ($35).  Stop in or email to see a picture. 

Monkey centerpiece Twisted Monkey CP $15

Monkey Topiary Tree Floating Monkey Topiary $35

This is a jumbo sized decoration. Monkeys can be made in many different designs. Please set an appointment or email for additional monkey decor indeas that fit your theme.  

Twisted Balloon OwlOwl $20  

The woodland owl can be created in any color combination to fit your theme. 


Small ladybug centepiece   Lady bug balloons

Cute ladybug $20        Jumbo ladybug $35

 Butterfly centerpiece  jumbo helium butterfly 

Small air filled Butterfly        Large Helium Filled Butterfly

    $20      available in variety of colors       $25