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These are our best selling  birthday designs. You customize the color, number and foil for your occasion. All other subsitutions are listed. 

Custom work may be done, for a consultation at 219-661-7487. 

Number Cup Box Centerpiece. Simple and sweet, this small table centerpiece is great for age birthdays, anniversaries or table numbers. Boxes available in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose 1-4 numbers.  Stands approximately 12 inches tall so does not obstruct view. Add balloons to float off the top for additional charge.

Balloon Number Box  $7++

Simple and sweet, this small table centerpiece is great for age birthdays, anniversaries or table numbers. Boxes available in a variety of colors and patterns.   Stands approximately 12 inches tall so does not obstruct view. Add balloons to float off the top for additional charge. 

Available in 1,2, or 3 number or letter designs. 

One number $7  

Two numbers $10

Three numbers $13 

Also available in letters for grad season or initials. Spell out a name on a gift or candy table. 

First birthday number box centerpiece  Pink and Zebra sweet sixteen number box 

age centerpiece for a first birthday, colors and number can be customized

Number Base - $10.00

With Latex Bouquet -$15.00

Our most popular age centerpiece.  This is shown for a first birthday but perfect for any age! Single number and two rows of balloons. Will last for days, can pick up early for your event.  24 hour notice required. 

Base price for any single 14" number on two rows of balloons. Customer may customize the number and colors of ribbon and latex balloons.  All other customizations at additional charge. 

80th birthday table top bases $20.00

Number base with 3 latex balloons. $15.00 $15.00number base with light  $15.00    $15.00 with light up firework spray

jumbo tulle age birthday bouquet $22.50


number base for birthday party, balloons, 15, 16 sweet

Double Number Base -$15.00

Double number base for any age birthday.  Will last for days. 

You may customize the age, latex color and ribbon color.   All additional customization is extra charge. 


Add three latex balloons for $5.  

Add additional number for  $5 each. 

$20 special!  Add a light for $5 more dollars $25 $20Add a light! $25!   $25 with light

21st birthday centerpiece balloon party

Small Number Base with latex - helium filled  $15

2 7 inch numbers as a centerpiec with fun helium balloons. Customize for any age and any color!  Includes one imprinted balloon. 

Includes a transport bag.

If you need this design to last longer than one day please ask for Hi-Float.

Add tulle instead of ribbon - $1 per balloon

Add double stuff balloon - $2 per balloon

Add addtional number $3 each.

Add a light for $5 

Or a light instead of numbers! light up balloon bouquet. e.servlet.  close up of light

 $15.00 (floating latex are extra)light up 40th birthday balloon centerpiece


monkey age bouquet

Age Bouquet -$25.00

Another  variation on the age theme. Easy to transport, fun and unique, this centerpiece can be created with any 14 inch number and your choice of latex and ribbon colors.  You can create this design with any jumbo foil. Great value and long lasting!


This design is long lasting and can be picked up ahead of event.  Transport bag is included.  

Additional numbers are $5 each. 

With Qualatex bubble balloon, Anagram Orbz and Cubez

Age bouquet with number base  $22.50

Table Top column

Table top Balloon column $12.50 

Made for your party in any color latex balloons or with any small foil balloon.  

birthday baloon table top column $12.50 $12.50

Birthday Table Top Column $12.50

Table Top columns can be made in color combination and with any foil balloon in stock

Double balloon with squiggle

Jumbo Double balloons  $10.00

Go beyond basic balloons! This 16inch stuffed latex with squiggles is so much fun. It stands alone or is a great add on to a bouquet.  

$10 includes weight. Lasts for days. 

Uprgade to a clear 20 inch deco bubble for the outside and it will last even longer. Deco bubbles are recommended for outside decorating.  $12.00 includes weight. 

Birthday deco bubble.

Double stuffed balloon bouquet

Double Stuffed Balloon Bouquet $15

Give a balloon in a balloon! Super pretty! Chose solid or imprinted balloons for this design.  


All balloons include hi-float and will last for several days and a transport bag. 

 $10.00 on  regular weight. 


Double stuffed balloon bouquet

(Pink and black bouquet is $8 as shown with one double balloon)

Floating bubble with tulle skirt

Tulle skirted CP  $15

Simple, beautiful, tulle skirt on this long lasting bubble balloon.  Price includes weight. 

Choose any bubble balloon, orbz , cubez or jumbo foil in stock for this design, May change color of tulle and latex balloons. 

Tulle cupcake balloon $15

add a number base and take off one row of latex balloons. $20.  (shown with ribbon)

number base plus bubble $20

Feather Boa Centerpiece

Feather Pedestal $30-$40

This centerpiece is made with a real feather boa that can be used laster. Add a tiara to this centerpiece fit for a princess or a diva for only $5 more.  

Choose any foil balloon topper

Small foils $30

Bubble, Orbz, Cubez $35

Jumbo or Number $40

Pretty princess feather pedestal $30

Price: $00.00

Birthday Pedestal balloon centerpiece

Pedestal Centerpiece $25-$50

<< This centerpice is $30 with bubble, cube or orb, as seen.

This long lasting design, shown here in bright primary colors is a hit at any party. It sits about 3.5 feet tall of your table and is a great centerpiece (Thin center does not block) or accent for a gift table. You choose any  single number and any color latex for this design, Available with a ribbon or curly Q Center.  

Single Number Age Pedestal $25 $30  60th birthday pedestal $25

double number birthday pedestal centerpiece $30  $35  pretty in pink tulle sweet 16 centerpiece  $40  

tulle birthday party balloon celebration  customize for any age. Air filled design lasts for days

Pretty in Pink  $35

It's all about fluff and tulle! Designed with your little princess or prima ballerina in mind, this balloon centerpiece combines soft colors and tulle accents beautifully.  

Available in Light Pink,  Hot Pink, or Lavender.  

May change age and latex color to suit theme. 

Glitter princess balloon also availble for center. 

Substitute top balloon for 14 inch number  at same price.

Add lighting for $5. 

Bright Birthday centerpiece$30 

Stuffed deco bubble balloon centerpiece

Deco Bubble Centerpiece  $35

Perfect for outside parties, these stuffed deco bubbles don't fade, fog or pop! Any color balloon inside and small balloons outside. Lasts for days. 

Wrap your deco bubble in tulle! $40 each.  Seen here a clear deco bubble wrapped in pink and purple tulle with tulle skirt. 

Tulle wrapped deco bubble centerpieces

Gumball stuffed bubble centerpiece

Stuffed Balloon Centerpiece $40

Choose any color combination to suit your theme! The tube it sits on includes a light! 

May substitute tulle skirt for lighting. $40 

pink stuffed balloon with tulle skirt

Birthday cake buffet column

Buffet Column $20

Short balloon column is made to sit on a large table or at the entry way. Stands about 4 foot tall. 

Choose from any in stock jumbo foils, jumbo numbers, jumbo letters,  bubble, orbz or cubez.  

Customize with a name for only $5 more.  Numbers available in pink, blue, silver, purple, gold and zebra stripe.number one buffet column $20

Custom 1st birthday balloon buffet column $30


Balloon Tower

Single Foil Balloon Tower  $35  

$70 as seen for two number set

Substitute with any jumbo foil, orbz or bubble for the same price.  

Towers with Orbz or Bubble have 3 links instead of two. 

Megaloon numbers are available in silver, black, gold, blue, pink, red and purple. Need at least 72 hours notice for supplies to be available. 

Stands about 6 feet tall total.

polka dot balloon tower $35

Jumbo Number balloon tower

Double Number Balloon Tower  $45

Jumbo number balloon tower is a great entrance piece or for the dance floor of your party. 

This stands approximately 7-8 feet tall. 

Jumbo numbers are available in silver, gold, red, blue and pink.  

Latex balloons available in any color combination. 

40th birthday tower $45

40th birthday balloon tower  $40 

Zebra striped column

Balloon Columns

Start at $30 


This column is the perfect size to be transported in your car, you choose the topper!   This column is not built on a base and stands about 4.5 feet tall.  

Perfect size to go outside of an entrance or flank a table

260 balloon column $30

age zebra balloon column  $35

balloon person holding balloons

Balloon Person

Table size balloon person holding a birthday or latex balloon! 

Balloon people are adorable, created big or small for your party, this is an adorable way to let someone know you are thinking of them! 

Balloon people can also be made full size. Starts at $65 to $150 for basic person and princess.  More for complicated and larger than life balloon people. 

Superman and wonderwoman balloon sculptures $100 for pair

Number balloon arch

Balloon Arch


Balloon arches by type and price. Please call for a quote. 


flower arch

Balloon Arch 1st birthday

minnie mouse arch

Child size balloon arch. Transports in a car. Also perfect size for a cake table, gift table or sweets table.